Interviews of Gikas A. Hardouvelis

June 3, 2021Five major reforms to jump start the economy and the role of banks
May 27, 2020Clear-Eyed Criticism and Optimism for Greece National Herald
November 12, 2019Chinese President Visits Athens - Interview CGTN CGTN
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March 6, 2016Interview titled "Grexit back on the agenda again as Greek economy unravels"Guardian
September 1, 2015Interview titled "Dal memorandum non si esce Atene ha perso la credibilita"Corriere della Serra (Italy)
July 14, 2015Interview titled "Former Greek Finance Minister Says Grexit Now Off Table"Bloomberg Brief
January 8, 2015InterviewTHE WALL STREET JOURNAL
September 18, 2014Interview titled "Eine Geldpolitik fur alle funktioniert nicht"HANDELSBLATT (Germany)
July 9, 2012Interview titled "Alemania vive una burbuja con el dinero que sale del sur"EL PAIS (Spain)
March 3, 2012InterviewL'ECHO (Belgium)
June 25, 2011Interview titled "Alle haben Angst um ihre Jobs"Luzerner Zeitung (Switzerland)
January 31, 2011InterviewPOLITIKA (Serbia)
September 4, 2009InterviewBiznis (Serbia)
December 19, 2007Interview titled "Grazie all' Euro e all stabilita sono partiti gli investimenti"Corriere Della Sera
November 12, 2003InterviewEUROMONEY magazine