Books with Gikas A. Hardouvelis as editor or author.

Books in Greek (editor)

From the international Crisis to the Greek and Euro Area Crisis: What will the Future bring?

G. Hardouvelis with N. Karamouzis • Livanis Publishing, ISBN 978-960-14-2343-2, Athens, September 2011

The International Crisis, the Euro Area Crisis and the Greek Financial Sector

G. Hardouvelis with Chr. Gortsos • Hellenic Bank Association, ISBN: 978-960-6867-13-2, July 2011

The Housing Market: Prospects and Investment Opportunities

G. Hardouvelis with N. Karamouzis • Sakkoulas Publishing, ISBN: 978-960-445-166-1, Athens-Thessaloniki, March 2007

Sources of Growth: Can Greece follow the Irish Example?

G. Hardouvelis • Kerkyra Publishing, ISBN 960-8386-38-1, Athens, January 2006

Books in Greek (author)

Financial Institutions Risk Management

G. Hardouvelis with E. Tsiritakis • Textbook for the Open University, Patras, 2002

Euro, a Single Currency for Europe

G. Hardouvelis with Ph. Sachinidis • ISBN: 960-86146-2-7, Athens, 1998