Publications on the Yield Curve by Gikas A. Hardouvelis

The term structure spread and future changes in long and short rates in the G7 countries – Is there a puzzle?

G. Hardouvelis
Journal of Monetary Economics, March 1994, vol.33, pp.255-283

The Yield Spread as a Symmetric Predictor of Output and Inflation

Authors: Gikas A. Hardouvelis* and Dimitrios Malliaropulos†

The Term Structure as a Predictor of Real Economic Activity

A. Estrella, G. Hardouvelis
Journal of Finance, June 1991, 46(2): 555-576

Possible roles of the yield curve in monetary policy

A. Estrella, G. Hardouvelis
Intermediate Targets and Indicators for Monetary Policy: A Critical Survey, 339-362, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, July 1991.

The Predictive Power of the Term Structure during Recent Monetary Regimes

G. Hardouvelis
Journal of Finance, June 1988, 43: 339-356.