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Economic Analysis

Professor Gikas A. Hardouvelis

Economy & Markets: Overcoming the crisis in Cyprus
Authors: Gikas Hardouvelis, Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2014

"Actions for a less procyclical financial system",
Author: G.Hardouvelis,
Economy & Markets, Eurobank Research, Volume 5, Issue 5, September 2010

Economy & Markets: The Greek Economy and its stability programme
Authors: Gikas Hardouvelis, Dimitris Malliaropulos, Platon Monokroussos, Tasos Anastasatos, Theodoros Stamatiou, Theodosios Sampaniotis, Volume 5, Issue 3, June 2010

A severe sovereign debt crisis triggers aggressive fiscal measures,
Συγγραφείς: Γκίκας Χαρδούβελης, Δημήτρης Μαλλιαρόπουλος, Πλάτων Μονοκρούσος, Τάσος Αναστασάτος, Θεόδωρος Σταματίου, Θεοδόσιος Σαμπανιώτης,
Greece Macro Monitor, Μάρ

Greek Macro Monitor: Twin deficits threaten medium-term macroeconomic stability
Authors: G.Hardouvelis, P.Monokrousos, T.Stamatiou, Eurobank Research, November 2009

Fiscal risks mount as economy heads for recession,
Authors: G.Hardouvelis, P.Monokroussos, C.Vorlow
Issue: Greece- Macro Monitor, Eurobank Research, May 2009

Global financial crisis weights on Greek growth outlook,
Authors: G.Hardouvelis, P.Monokroussos, T.Anastasatos, C.Vorlow
Issue: Macro Monitor, Eurobank Research, December 2008

Effects of world economic slowdown increasingly evident,
Authors: G.Hardouvelis, P.Monokroussos, C.Papadopoulos, T.Anastasatos, C.Vorlow, T.Sabaniotis,
Issue: Macro Monitor, Eurobank Research, July 2008

Special edition on cyprus Economy,
Authors: G.Hardouvelis, C.Vorlow, E.Davradakis, E.Georgopoulos, I.gkionis, t.Sabaniotis-
Issue: Economy & Markets, Eurobank Research, Vol II,9, pp.1-32, November 2007

Greece: Macro Monitor - A Quarterly Review of the Greek Economy
Authors: G.Hardouvelis, P.Monokroussos, C.Papadopoulos, C.Vorlow, T.Sabaniotis
Issue: Macro Monitor, Eurobank Research, October 2007

“Macroeconomics Management and the Post EMU Need for Structural Reforms in Greece”
Issue: (summary of the original article in Greek), Economy & Markets, October 2007, Eurobank Research, vol. II (8), pp. 1-18.

“Household perceptions on Inflation and the Euro”, with O. Kosma and E. Simitzi
Authors:G.Hardouvelis, O.Kosma, E.Simintzi
Issue:(summary of the original article in Greek) Economy & Markets, , June 2007, Eurobank Research, vol. II (5), pp. 1-8.

Economic trajectory remains favorable but imbalances grow
Authors:G.Hardouvelis, P.Monokroussos,C.Papadopoulos, C.Vorlow, Th.Sabaniotis
Issue:Greece; Macro Monitor, 2nd Quarter, May 2007

“The Differential Rate of Inflation between the Poor and the Rich following the Introduction of the Euro”. Authors:G.Hardouvelis, O.Kosma, E.Simintzi,Economy & Markets: Issue 3, Volume 2, April 2007 (summary of the original article in Greek)

The Greek Banking System in 2006: Comparative Perormance
Authors:G.Hardouvelis, I.Lekkos, E.Simintzi
Issue:Greek Banking Review:Annual report on the Greek Banking Sector, November 2006

Greece: Macro Monitor - 2006 Outlook
Authors:G.Hardouvelis, P.Monokroussos,C.Papadopoulos, I.Lekkos, C.Vorlow
Issue:Macro Monitor, Eurobank Research, February 2006

Greece: Macro Monitor - Quarterly Review
Authors:G.Hardouvelis, P.Monokroussos, C.Papadopoulos,M.Davradakis,C.Vorlow
Issue:Macro Monitor, Eurobank Research, September 2005

“Asset Prices and the Need for New Policy Instruments: The Case of Countercyclical Margin Policy,” Authors:G.Hardouvelis
Proceedings of a conference on “Monetary Policy, Economic Cycles and Financial Dynamics,” Journees de la Fondation, March 2003

“The Impact of Globalization on the Equity Cost of Capital”
Authors:D. Malliaropulos, R. Priestley, G. Hardouvelis
Issue: Journees de la Fondation Banque de France October 2001, pp. 87-126.

“Risk, Share Performance and Company Size in Greece”
Authors:D. Malliaropulos, G. Hardouvelis
Issue: Economic & Statistical Bulletin, National Bank of Greece, 1999, vol. 11: 6-14.

“The Drachma Exchange rate and its Long-Run Equilibrium Level,”
Issue:Economic & Statistical Bulletin, National Bank of Greece, January 1998, 9: 6-15.

“The Predictive Power of the Term Structure of Interest rates in Greece,”
Authors:G.Hardouvelis, D.Iliadou
Issue:Economic & Statistical Bulletin, National Bank of Greece, March 1997, 8: 6-17.

“Changeover to the Single Currency: Prospects and ChallENes for Credit Institutions in Greece,”
Authors:G.Hardouvelis, M.Haralabides, G.Papageorgiou
Issue:Economic Bulletin, Bank of Greece, November 1995, 6: 65-88.

What Moves the Discount on Country Equity Funds?
Authors:G.Hardouvelis, R.Laporta, T.Wizman
Issue:The Internationalization of Equity Markets, Jeffrey Frankel edt., Chicago: the University of Chicago Press, 1994, pp. 345-97.

Margin Requirements and Stock Trading,
Issue: the New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance, Fall 1992, vol. 2: 645-647.

The Relative Cost of Capital for Marginal Firms over the Business Cycle,
Authors:G.Hardouvelis, Th.Wizaman
Issue:Quarterly Review, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Fall 1992, 17(3): 44-58.

Possible Roles of the Yield Curve in Monetary Policy
Authors:A. Estrella, G. Hardouvelis
Issue: in Intermediate Targets and Indicators for Monetary Policy: A Critical Survey, 339-362, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, July 1990.

Do Margin Requirements Matter? Evidence from U.S. and Japanese Stock Markets
Authors:G. Hardouvelis, S. Peristiani
Issue:Quarterly Review, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Winter 1989-90, 14(4): 16-35.

Evidence on Stock Market Speculative Bubbles: Japan, the United States, and Great Britain,
Authors:G. Hardouvelis
Issue: Lead article, Quarterly Review, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Summer 1988, 13(2): 4-16.

Margin Requirements and Stock Market Volatility,
Authors:G. Hardouvelis
Issue:Quarterly Review, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Summer 1988, 13(2): 80-89.

Are Rational Expectations Operational?
Authors:R.Craine, G.Hardouvelis
Issue:Proceedings of the 20th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, December 1981, pp. 844-48.

Data Based Priors: Stationarity, and Rational Expectations, (with R. Craine),
Authors:R.Craine, G.Hardouvelis
Issue: lead article, Economic Review, Conference Supplement, FRB of San Francisco, October 1980, 4-35.


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