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Press Articles

Professor Gikas A. Hardouvelis

Below find some articles which appeared in the foreign press

24.09.2013 Interview at the portuguese newspaprer Observador entitled "A Grecia e um caos. "E a Europoa esta pelos cabelos"(in portuguese language)
04.05.2013 Interview at the brazilian newspaper EXAME entitled "Um laboratorio chamado Grecia" (in portuguese language )
28.11.2012 Interview at the Guardian entitled "Grexit back on the agenda again as Greek economy unravels"
24.09.2013 Interview at the italian newspaper Corriere della Serra entitled «Dal memorandum non si esce Atene ha perso la credibilita» (in italian language)
09.07.2012 Interview at the Bloomberg Brief entitled "Former Greek Finance Minister Says Grexit Now Off Table"
27.04.2012 Article at the New York Times entitled "How to undo the damage in Greece"
07.04.2012 Interview of the Minister of Finance at the newspaper THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
03.03.2012 Article at the German newspaper HANDELSBLATT entitled: „Eine Geldpolitik fur alle funktioniert nicht“
27.09.2011 Article at the newspaper New York Times entitled "'New Greece Finance Minister Sees Just One Way for Nation to Go: Up"
15.09.2011 Article at the CHINE FOTRUNE MAGAZINE at a special issue entitled: "Greece's Comeback"
25.06.2011 Quotes at the article of the dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad entitled "Athene hoopt op nieuwe lening met vastgoed als onderpand" (in dutch language)
31/01/2011 Quotes at the Economist magazine at the article "Daring to hope, fearing to fail"
01.09.2011 Quotes at the article on the Guardian newpaper entitled "Greeks turn to the forests for fule as winter near's"
30.05.2010 Quotes at the Het Financieele Dagblad newspaper at an article entitled "Athene gaat voor een geleidelijker sanering zonder extra lening EU" (in dutch language)
01.05.2010 Inteview at EL PAIS newspaper entitled "Alemania vive una burbuja con el dinero que sale del sur" (In Spanish)
04.03.2010 Article on Greece with Gikas Hardouvelis quotes at Handelsblatt newspaper (In German language)
04.12.2009 Quotes at the article on Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung entitled "Wie Athen Leise Leidet" (In German language)
04.09.2009 Interview at the Belgian newspaper L'ECHO (In French language)
Nov. - Dec. 2008 Quotes at the Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneve. Article "Grece: la spirale infernale" (In French language)
2008 Quotes at the French newspaper Nouvel Observateur. Article "Le gouvernement a traine les pieds" (In French language)
19.12.2007 Interview at the swiss newspaper Luzerner Zeitung entitled "Alle haben Angst um ihre Jobs" (in German language)
Nov.- Dec. 2006 Interview at the Serbian mewspaper "POLITIKA" (In Serbian language /translation in english)
12.11.2003 Article at the newspaper "Frantfurter Allgemeine" entitled "Gluck Im Ungluck" (in German language/ translation in english)
Comments appeared on an article at the "Asahi Shimbun" Japan newspaper (in Japanese language only)
Crise Financiere en Grece: Dans l' Ceil du Cyclone, comments appeared on the article of Mali Ilse Paquin at LA PRESSE Canadian Newspaper (in French language)
Quotes at the Financial Times newspaper at th e article entitled "Athens hopes deep cuts will restore confidence"
Quotes at the article of New York Times "Greek PM says EU took too long to show support"
Interview at the Serbian magazine “Biznis” (In Serbian language /translation in english)
The Greek Financial System in 2008, KATHIMERINI ENGLISH EDITION newspaper
Interview at the news paper Corriere Della Sera entitled "Grazie all' Euro e all stabilita sono partiti gli investimenti" (In Italian language only)
Greece and Global Expansion, BUSINESS PARTNERS magazine
Interview of Professor Hardouvelis at EUROMONEY magazine


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